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Zzub is a character and anatgonisy from Buzz Lighyear of Star Command. He is one of three child clones created by Zurg, and the clone of Buzz Lightyear.

Physical Appearance

He is a clone of Ranger Buzz Lightyear as a child, approximately between the ages of 6-7 years old.


Alongside Feara and Blister, Zzub was originally created by Zurg and his Brain Pods to fight Team Lightyear and take their places in Star Command. But because Zurg was in a rush to have the clones out and ready to fight, he removed them from their tanks before the clones had a chance to grow into adults. Thus, they emerged as young children.


His personality is not so very different from how Buzz might have been as a child; he is headstrong, impulsive and likes to be in control. He is, however, a good deal nastier than Buzz probably was.


  • "And I am Zzub! ...Zzub? You took the good guy's name and reversed it. That is so lame!"


  • His name is Buzz's name spelled backwards.


  • Clone Rangers
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