Zutho is a minor antagonist from The Legend of Tarzan episode, "Tarzan and the Face From the Past". He is a shady mandrill that Tarzan, Terk, and Tantor first encountered as kids at the forbidden side of the river.

Tarzan and the Face from the Past

While Tarzan teaches Zutho and his friends how to make spears, a fire was created by accident from the stones and nearly destroyed the jungle but luckily the rain put it out. Tarzan blamed and ended up in Zutho's debt, who threatened to tell Kerchak if he did not comply to his demands.

20 years later, Zutho resurfaces in order to get Tarzan to fulfill his favor into dealing with some annoying howler monkeys that were keeping him and his friends up at night. With help from Jane, Terk, and Tantor, Tarzan did the right thing and admitted what happened the day of the fire to Kala, while she was disappointed she points out that at least no one was hurt and it happened a long time ago and was glad Tarzan was honest with her about it and tried to put the fire out.

Zuthi was upset that Tarzan wasn't punished by Kala, he rants to her that she should do something and blamed Tarzan for everything. But it backfires when Kala processed to punish Zutho for what happened twenty years ago when he was there when the fire started and did nothing to help Tarzan to stop it, blackmails Tarzan for years with the incident when Zutho shares the blame and for making Tarzan his personal slave through cruelty and manipulation, telling him there was no excuse for such miserable behavior. Kala then asks him if his mother knew is he acted like this, he fearfully asks her not to tell his mother.

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