Zorasto is an antagonist from the Aladdin episode "Riders Redux". He speaks in said episode, although it is unknown which actor did his voice.

Role in the episode

Zorasto is the new leader of the marauders. He and the others force Razoul and the other palace guards to go back to the palace and the marauders all have the Sultan's treasure. On their way to the desert to retrieve the treasure, Aladdin and his friends trick Zorasto into thinking they're on his side and they want to be just like him. Zorasto accepts Aladdin and he makes Razoul leave. Later, Zorasto and the others are at the top of the canyon and see the Riders of Ramond and Jasmine coming. He makes a magic hourglass appear and makes it lose sand slowly. Everyone gets off the cliff and rob and put the riders in chains. Aladdin realizes that the fact that they freeze time makes them strike so fast. He then sees that Zorasto also put Jasmine in chains. Zorasto throws his sword at Aladdin so he can execute Jasmine, but the street rat refuses and the marauder decides to do so himself until Genie stops him by tricking him into thinking that he's a desert insurance service while Aladdin sets Jasmine and the riders free. Zorasto gets angry at Aladdin and the street rat is about to fight him but a pile of coin fall on him. Zorasto gets back on the cliff and tries to make the riders surrender, otherwise he'll throw Jasmine. Aladdin goes behind the marauder to stop him, but he gets caught. Jasmine then makes Aladdin push her and Zorasto off the cliff. Zorasto falls over with Jasmine. He holds on to the ledge while Jasmine falls. Abu takes the hourglass and turns it around, which makes the princess stop falling. Zorasto and the other marauders surrender.

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