Zafire is a character from Disney comic books. She first appears in the "Paperinik contro tutti" saga ("the Duck Avenger against everybody"), only to reappear in the Ultraheroes saga in 2008, as part of the Bad-7.


Zafire appears in the story "Paperinik versus Zafire" (Topolino number 2695, June 2007). In said story, she manages to control The Duck Avenger's mind, making him steal a precious necklace while wearing his plain Donald clothes, thanks to this Zafire can discover the secret identity of the Duck Avenger.

When Donald is delivering the loot, he's dehypnotized with Daisy's help, and then stops.


Zafire appears with a different costume in Ultraheroes as part of the Bad-7, led by Emil Eagle. Zafire, along with Spectrus, face the Duck Avenger and Super Daisy, and the last ones prevail.

Of the whole Bad-7 team, Zafire seemingly gets along the best with Spectrus.


  • It is never specified how did Zafire get her lightning powers.
  • In a survey called after the saga of "Paperinik contro Tutti", to declare who among the four enemies would reappear in another story by his own, Zafire comes second, outclassed by Mr. Invisible.
  • Although she was second place, she still made a second appearance in Ultraheroes.
  • Despite Zafire knowing the Duck Avenger's secret identity, she does not use this knowledge during the Ultraheroes saga.

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