The Wizard (a.k.a. The Sorcerer) is the main antagonist of Mickey's 60th Birthday.


Mickey's 60th Birthday[]

When Mickey Mouse goes through his old props and belonging, looking for something to use in his big birthday show, he comes across the Sorcerer Hat. The Wizard's face quickly appears on a nearby mirror, warning Mickey that he mustn't use the hat but instead his own magic. Mickey, in his hurry to present the show, ignores his warning and uses the hat, anyway; but the Wizard magics Mickey away from Disneyland just after he does so. To punish him, the Wizard casts a spell on Mickey, making him unregonizable to anyone who sees him until he finds his own magic. Luckily, he does after some adventures and the Wizard briefly compliments him for it before breaking the spell and disappearing.


  • Why he was created in the first place is unknown, as he takes the exact role of the preexisting character Yen Sid, of which he is obviously inspired.