Witch (oh happy grumpy) -- cropped

The Witch is a character and antagonist in The 7D episode "Oh Happy Grumpy". She is the one who "cursed" Grumpy after he was being very rude to her in a mishap. Her true intentions were later revealed in the episode.


While Grumpy and the gang is bringing the cheese art of Queen Delightful, an old lady and her pig Mindy is blocking the 7D's way. She says that they blocked her way and the cheese melts. Grumpy starts being rude to her in a mishap. She reveals herself as a "witch" and "cursed" Grumpy. Later on, Bashful found out that she's not a witch. Grumpy and the "witch" meet again and the "witch" starts being rude to Grumpy in a mishap.