William Weatherall Wilkins is the main antagonist of Mary Poppins Returns. He is the current President of the bank and the nephew of Mr. Dawes Jr.

While he acts polite and charming when we first see him, he is actually a ruthless and corrupt corporate executive. This is represented in the Royal Dalton Bowl, where is counterpart is a wolf who pretends to be as docile as a lamb, signifying how Wilkins is a metaphorical "wolf in sheep's clothing".

He drives the main conflict of the movie, as he seeks to repossess the Banks family home, to the point of burning important records left by George Banks that would have saved the house.

In the end, tired of how morally bankrupt his nephew is, Mr. Dawes Jr. reveals that the tuppence Micahel deposited in the first movie was invested and gathered enough interest to be able to save the Banks family home. In the process, Mr. Dawes Jr. strips Wilkins of Wilkins' position as president of the bank. This, in turn, shows that Mr. Dawes Jr.'s redemption in the first movie is permanent.

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