What Goes Around Comes Around is a song from the musical the villain's lair.


Evil Queen: They say that ending are always happy

the truest love will save the day

but when it's all taking from you

you're left with nothing to do

but what for the day to make someone pay.

Maleficent: i was once the mistress of all that's evil

they whisper my name and quivered with fear.

Queen of Hearts: the battle was won they thought the story was DONE.

Maleficent: but patience my dears i've only just begun

Mother Gothel: an eye For an Eye

a wrong for a wrong

Maleficent: Never forgive

Evil queen: Never Forget

mother gothel: this is your last regret

Maleficent: what goes around Comes Around

Jafar: I was once the most powerful being on Earth

undone by a wish in the blink of an eye

Lady Tremaine: My enter life was ruined all because of a shoe

the time is now you'll get what's coming to you

Cruella: they say that their sides to every story

the one that is black

and one that is white

Captain hook: we take it to break it

we pillage and plunder

we do what we like

cause we have a wrong we have to set right

Dr facilier:

(spoken) Now what if i told you that there was a way to undo the moment your troubles began

Evil Queen: Speak

Dr Facilier; What if snow white never found that little old cottage

what if Aladdin never found that lamp

what if prince Philip never met Aurora

what if little cindy never had no fairy godmother

Lady tremaine: how

Dr Facilier; Why with a little help of my friends on the other side

(Singing voice) An Eye For An Eye

A Wrong For an wrong

Jafar: Never forgive never Forget

Captain Hook: this is your last regret

Cruella: what goes around Comes Around

Dr Facilier: one thing more and all is done

to turn back time the moon and sun

Lady tremaine: undo fates by endings told

Jafar: Tip the scale of the brave and bold

Evil Queen; Fruit of the fariest

Cruella: bone of a dog

Captain Hook: clock from a pirate ship covered in fog

Maleficent: blood of a spindle we add to the brew

Mother Gothel: let heroes be silent

Queen of hearts: the fault lies with you

All: an eye for an eye

a wrong for a wrong

never forgive never forget

off with their heads

what goes around

comes Around

THE VILLAINS LAIR - What Goes Around Comes Around

THE VILLAINS LAIR - What Goes Around Comes Around


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