The Watchdogs are part of Lord Hater's evil army and the minor antagonists in the show Wander Over Yonder. They are his loyal minions that do his selfish, dirty deeds.

Physical appearance[]

The Watchdogs appear to be small human-like soldiers with eyes as heads. Their uniforms consist of a black jumpsuit with red gloves and boots. The Watchdogs wear hats with a single lightning bolt on top, giving them a similar appearance to Lord Hater. The jumpsuits and hats will appear purple in poorly lit areas. Watchdogs have pink skin, and appear to grow body hair as well. There are male and female Watchdogs, though only the males speak in the show.


They act pretty much like ordinary soldiers/henchmen. They usually act rather incompetent, making pathetic mistakes and showing poor aim with a blaster. However, they can be dangerously vigilant, and smarter than they appear, when motivated. In "The Fugitives", they deliberately exploit Wander's desire to help people, by abusing villagers so they cry for help; poor Wander gives in and after he helps everyone in need, the Watchdogs corner and capture him. They have also exhibited impressive tactical abilities when they believed Hater was sending them gifts. Some Watchdogs also seek romance and several of them are good friends with each other. They also appear to enjoy being on TV, becoming extremely excited when Watchdog Andy films his show.

Names of Watchdogs[]

The known names of some of the watchdogs are the following. (Many of them appear to be named after the cast and crew members of the show.)

  • Peepers (Leader)
  • Aaron, Andy, Alex, Amy, Ani
  • Westley
  • Barry, Bob, Ben B., Ben J., Bert, Bill, Bryan,
  • C, Craig, Carlos, Carmen, Chris H., Chris R., Chris T., Chuck, Cindy, Clay
  • Dan, Dean, Denise, Ducky
  • Ed, Eddie, Edward, Elle, Eric B., Eric C., Erik
  • Fran, Frank
  • Greg, Giuseppe
  • Howie
  • Teddy, Tim, Tara, Teri, Trevor
  • Janice, Jamie, James, Jay, Jenny, Joe, Johanna, Jordan, Josh, Julie, Justin
  • Khaki
  • Lauren, Laurens, Leticia, Lianne, Lisa, Lynne
  • Pope Watchdog, Pap, Pete
  • Moose, Maria, Mark, Matthias, Mikey
  • Pong
  • Rae, Ray, Ric, Rob
  • Sabrina, Seanna, Shakeh, Shawn, Steve, Susie
  • Vaughn
  • Zabrina


  • It has never been confirmed whether or not Watchdogs truly have mouths. However, there is some evidence that their pupils are actually mouths
    • Instances where Watchdogs are eating shows their eyes puffing out like cheeks.
    • In "The Greater Hater", a shot of Peepers screaming shows what looks like a uvula in his pupil.
    • In "The Axe", when Peepers and Hater are swimming in a pile of bones, Peepers spits bones out of the center of his eye.
  • In "The Axe", the Watchdogs for battle in space using the TIE Fighters of Star Wars.