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Warp wears his 'Agent Z' helmet

Warp Darkmatter is the secondary antagonist in "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins", and the subsequent TV series. He used to be a space ranger, and Buzz's partner, but he was secretly working for Evil Emperor Zurg. After learning the secret of the Unimind for Zurg, Warp faked his death as a Space Ranger, and became Zurg's henchman. When he first joins Zurg, Warp is given the name 'Agent Z' and wea


Warp wearing his star command suit

rs a helmet, although this is mainly as a plot device to keep his true identity hidden from Buzz until later in the film, considering that for the rest of the film, and in the TV series, even Zurg calls him by his actual name. In the end, he is arrested by Buzz. Warp wasn't only Buzz Lightyear's partner he was space ranger Ty Parsec's partner at Star Command before he joined Buzz Lightyear.


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