The Velociraptors are minor antagonists in the 2015 Disney/Pixar film The Good Dinosaur. They are a pack of raptors who are led by Bubbha and are also called "Rustlers" from Butch who are also his and his children's enemies.


Official Description

"Raptors prey on the prized herd of longhorns that belong to Butch and his Tyrannosaurus family. Raptors—or Rustlers, as Butch calls them—sport wiry, feathered bodies and hardly compare in size or strength to a T.rex. But as a group, the Raptors pose quite a threat, and even a T.rex may need to call in reinforcements before tangling with them."[1]



Bubbha (voiced by Dave Boat) is the leader of the Velociraptors who has blue and purple skin.


Lurleane (voiced by Carrie Paff) is the only female of Bubbha's gang who has light red skin.


Pervis (voiced by Mackenzie Grant) is the dumb Velociraptor who has a light-grey skin.


Earl (voiced by John Ratzenberger)  is the one liner Velociraptor who has a light bluish skin.


The Good Dinosaur

They first appear when Arlo alerts them from the bite from Spot by screaming, Bubbha asks him what he's doing, Arlo replies nothing, but Earl suggests to him that any trespassers come in to Longhorns has to be killed, but Butch, Nash and Ramsey come in to attack, Pervis starts to attack Arlo first, While Bubbha goes for Nash, But Ramsey saves him from Bubbha, while Lurleane and Pervis pin Butch, Arlo attacks them, then they try to attack him back, but they get defeated by Butch throwing Lurleane and Pervis away, also with Bubbha and Earl retreating and nearly getting his tail bitten off by Butch.



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