Vaughan and Vance are the Flying Derby team of the Junior Knights Academy and are antagonists who appear in the Sofia the First episode "The Flying Crown".

Role in the Series[]

Squire Vaughan and Squire Vance are the Flying Derby team for the Junior Knights Academy and the defending champions of the Flying Derby Championship who both ride black haired flying horses and have never lost a race. Both of them are known to be rude and think they are better than everyone.

They arrived at Royal Prep a day early to practice on the course and when they met Hugo and Sofia, they both proclaimed they would win again. Offended and annoyed, Hugo challenged Vaughan to a race to the water fountain and back which Vaughan wins due to superior speed and skill.

They next day, Sofia and Hugo fail to show up which the two squires make rude comments about. When the pair finally arrive, Vaughan and Vance show jealousy for their budding friendship. The race begins and, despite Sofia's great moves, the Squire team manages to stay ahead of the Royal team. After clearing the last hurdle however, the Royal Prep team pulls out their trump card: the Flying Slingshot, which Hugo executes in a way that successfully puts Sofia in the lead and enables her to cross the finish line, winning the Flying Crown for Royal Prep for the first time in 100 years. After the race, Vaughan and Vance were very surprised that they were outpaced by a little girl and wondered how their opponents beat them.