Valerie d'Avion is a girl who appears in The Rocketeer. She is one of Kit Secord's friends and the coolest girl in her class.


Valerie is very proud of her skills as a pilot. She is shown to not like being upstaged and cares a great deal about getting credit.

Role in the series[]

Valerie makes her debut appearance in "Flight Class Heroes" as one of Kit's classmates at the Valkyrie Flight School. When she fails a tough simulation, she blames it on the fact that she was distracted by her classmates. When one of these classmates get them stuck on an automatic plane, she works together with them to get them safely home with help from the Rocketeer.

She makes her second appearance on "Valerie the Valkyrie" as the main antagonist. Feeling that the Rocketeer is stealing her thunder, Valerie creates her own superhero identity: The Valkyrie. At first, she does well and always beats the Rocketeer to the punch. However, in the end the Rocketeer saves someone she wasn't able to. Valerie is shown considering becoming a supervillain in the end.