Baron Valen Rudor (codenamed LS-607) is an Imperial TIE Pilot and antagonist who appears in the Disney XD animated series Star Wars Rebels.


Rudor was one of the best TIE Pilots in the Imperial Navy. During his service, he was transferred on the outer rim planet Lothal to test out new TIE Fighter products coming out of Sienar Fleet Systems development. Having been shown up by the Rebels on more than one occasion, he hated this assignment all the more.

Role in the Series[]


While watching after his TIE Fighter, Rudor was ambushed by Garazeb Orrelios, who had him knocked unconscious after ordering him to leave the area. Rudor regained consciousness soon after and held a blaster at Zeb while trying to contact for reinforcements. Zeb evaded Rudor and managed to get out of his line of sight. He was then grabbed by the head, and thrown to the ground, knocking him unconscious again.

Property of Ezra Bridger[]

Rudor was pursuing the Ghost, but his pursue was shortened when his fighter was shot down and crashed into the outskirts of Capital City. The impact wrecked his ship, leaving him trapped inside the cockpit. Ezra Bridger was nearby when he crashed and pretended to help him just so he could steal Imperial equipment and sale it off to the black market.

Furious, Rudor attempted to kill Ezra, by blasting him with his ship's laser cannons. However, Ezra managed to evade his gunfire shots, through his force-sensitive abilities and easily took him out by electrocuting him with his energy slingshot.

Star Wars Rebels[]

Rudor makes a brief appearance in the episode "Fighter Flight", where he was preparing his ship for take off.