In a few days, this wiki will become eligible for adoption. At that time, I will submit a request to adopt it. I have done a lot of cleanup on this wiki, as described in this blog, but have reached a point where I cannot do some of the cleanup because pages and categories are protected.

Many of these pages were protected because people went overboard with adding spurious categories and/or made the kind of edits that show they're fixated on adding a particular type of information. But many of the pages were over-protected so that only an admin can edit them and there aren't any admins around now.

So, I will adopt the wiki and finish cleaning it up. My goal is to get it into shape where it will attract a new group of editors. And then, maybe hand it off to one or more of them so I can go back to focusing on other wikis. But even if I do that, I will frequently check back in to make sure things are running okay.

If you have any comments about this, leave them below. If you do not feel I should I adopt the wiki, I'd like to know so that I can figure out what to do better or different.