I'm making this blog because I saw some articles about antagonists that I feel don't really qualify as villains, and TheSuperGenius (also known as Harold) and I are trying to get rid of characters who are antagonists but not villains. So, yeah, I am helping Harold (also known as TheSuperGenius) mark pages for deletion. 

Being an antagonist does not automatically make someone a villain. A villain is someone who does evil things like commiting crimes, taking over the world or trying to take over the world,etc.

Another thing is that I'll write some examples on why being an antagonist does not make someone evil. For example, if someone was being mean and grumpy or if someone was a bully without doing anything illegal, does that automatically make someone evil? No. It doesn't. In fact, this isn't the antagonists wiki, this is the Disney Villains Wiki.

An antagonist is someone who opposes the main characters (also known as the protagonists), but not all antagonists are remotely villainous.

And because of this, I've thought about making a wiki called the Disney Antagonists Wiki which is where any non-evil antagonists are going to be moved to.

If any admins see this blog, please delete any pages on any antagonist who isn't evil. Thanks.

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