Ursula Gernsback is one of the two tertiary antagonists from Tomorrowland. She is the wife of Hugo Gernsback and the co-owner of the Blast from the Past shop. Ursula is portrayed by Kathryn Hahn.

Role in the film[]

Ursula is first seen with Hugo at the Blast from the Past comic shop when Casey Newton arrives with the Tomorrowland Pin. She and Hugo later point laser blasters at Casey, who thinks they're joking with her. Hugo then aims his blaster at the ceiling and blasts a hole through the roof. Ursula and Hugo then attempt to kill Casey, but Athena arrives after tossing a time bomb into the store. Ursula and Hugo are trapped in the time sphere, giving Athena time to save Casey. The duo are revealed to be robots when Ursula accidentally impales Hugo with a spear and Athena decapitates Ursula. The incapacited Hugo then explodes.

After the explosion, Police officers arrive on the scene and recover Ursula's head from the wreckage. Still functional, Ursula's head divulges to the other robots the names of Casey and Athena. They then kill all of the police officers at the crime scene and called David Nix to inform him about their discovery.