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Uriah's Gang are characters and antagonists from the TV series W.I.T.C.H.. They are the bullies at Sheffield Institute who love to cause any trouble. Those greasy punks are always getting themselves social lives, mischief, and detention.


  • Uriah Dunn (voiced by Byrne Offutt) was born on October 17th, 1990, is a trouble making kid at school, disliked by Elyon, Alchemy and W.I.T.C.H. He has a gang consisting of Kurt, Clubber and Nigel for a while. He skateboards and is occasionally put in detention. He likes X-Treme sports and competes in the X-Treme Sports competition every year. In season two he competes in the Battle of the Bands. He claims he can play the guitar but is really awful. He used to hang out with Nigel Ashcroft, but teased him about liking Taranee Cook, "the nerdy girl". After that Nigel stopped hanging out with him and his gang. Uriah has orange spiky hair and strangely shaped eye and head. He does sport reports in the K-Ship student radio during season 2. Although Uriah is unintelligent and mean, he has shown sometimes to be a good guy.
  • Kurt Van Buren (voiced by Steven Jay Blum) was born on May 12th, 1991. A member of Uriah's gang, Kurt Van Buren is very obese and has purple-dyed hair. He is very dumb, but a little smarter than Clubber, having a bit more personality than him. He does whatever Uriah does, and likes insulting people for some reason. He took the drums when he was six and quit when he was seven, but his short drum lessons actually helped The Dunnsters during the Battle of the Bands. He likes skateboarding a lot, and got entranced by Stacey who is Nerissa in reality in "T is for Trauma".
  • Laurent Clubberman (voiced by Greg Cipes) was born on June 23rd, 1990. One of Uriah's gang members, Laurent Clubberman is usually called "Clubber" due to Laurent not being a bully name. He is blonde and fat, but not as overweight as his friend Kurt. He always help Uriah in his pranks, and seems to be the dumbest of the group. He likes doing pranks, but is not smart enough to think them up, Uriah and sometimes Kurt does that. Clubber played the tambourine for the Dunnsters in the Battle of the Bands. Clubber is shown to be actually good at art, winning the art contest for his bunny painting in "X is for Xanadu". His name is Laurent Hampton in the comics, but was changed to Laurent Clubberman in the animated series.
  • Nigel Ashcroft (voiced by Michael Reisz) formerly of Uriah's Gang continues his love relationship with Taranee after leaving Uriah and his Gang.