Unkar Plutt is a minor character and antagonist in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


At the first glance, the Crolute junk boss may looked like a mere abusive slavedriver for scavengers that worked for him includes Rey, but upon seeing her with the lost BB-8, it is finally revealed that he was a loyal follower of First Order (or at least looking to collect a bounty), making him an indirect ally for Kylo Ren and First Order.

Unkar was the only Junk Boss on Niima Outpost, exchanging parts for Scavengers' rations. He also stole the Millennium Falcon and began to modify it, detrimentally according to Rey. It was also indicated that he looked after Rey during her childhood on Jakku. However, he was not above verbal abuse towards her or taking advantage of her due to his belief that she was just another asset for him to use. On Takodana, after Rey and defecting stormtrooper Finn sought the help of Maz Kanata alongside Han Solo and Chewbacca, Plutt confronted Rey and threatened her, causing Chewbacca to intervene. When the angry Crolute declared he was not afraid of what he considered to be "half a wookie", Chewbacca showed Plutt the error of his judgement by easily and casually ripping off the screaming Plutt's right arm and tossing it onto a nearby table as Rey watched in shock.

He appears as a cast member in Disney INFINITY: 3.0 Edition as a cast member.

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