The Ugly Guard is a minor villain in The Three Musketeers as one of Cardinal Richelieu's minions.

Role in the film[]

The fearsome, repulsive-looking guard is first seen at the beginning of the film when Richelieu confronts a prisoner for stealing from a coach to feed his family. The guard stands behind the prisoner menacingly and it can be assumed that he had tortured the man earlier prior to the prisoner's murder by Captain Rochefort.

He is later seen when the Musketeers attack and try to save King Louis. Richelieu takes the King and Queen down through the dungeons to escape. As they proceed, they pass the guard who is carrying the body of a prisoner that he possibly killed. Richelieu orders the hulk to prevent the Musketeers from pursuing them and the guard violently throws down the prisoner and obliges.

He confronts Porthos in one of the chambers and attacks Porthos with a sword, but the Musketeer disarms the guard and then burns the man's rear end with a fire poker. Yelling and growling, the guard punches Porthos down and grabs hold of him. Porthos then shoves the guard against a bed of spikes that impale his back, apparently killing him.

However, the ugly guard is still alive and roars at Porthos, frightening him even more and causing Porthos to activate a "death trap" that brings another bed of spikes upon the injured guard, impaling him from both sides and finally putting an end to him.