Ubasti is the main antagonist in Treasure Buddies. She is an evil hairless sphynx cat.

Role in the film[]

In the film she and her owner, Dr. Phillip Wellington, came by Thomas' museum just as it was going out of business. She was seen near an exhibit and hisses at B-Dawg. As Thomas and Pete were leaving for Egypt, she informs MudBud that Cleocatra's collar will be hers and for cats to rule the world.

In Egypt, she was onto Babi's actions throughout most of the film. Ubasti would often run off from Phillips arms to do things herself. As everyone set off to Cleocatra's tomb, Ubasti nearly catches Babi slashing one of the truck's tires.

In Cleocatra's tomb, she runs off from Phillip and goes inside. Due to the torches being lit, Ubasti knows that the buddies already arrived. Near the coffin, she learns that B-Dawg was wearing the collar. After realizing that she was outnumbered, statues of cats came to life and went after the buddies. Eventually, Ubasti retrieves the collar and made her way back to the coffin. In her final scene, Phillip, Thomas, and Pete find her and the collar. As Phillip tried to pick her up, Ubasti scratched his face, realizing that he was nothing more than a nuisance to her. As she was ready to put her plan into effect, the cats eyes glowed and turned her into a lifeless statue. Grandpa Thomas stated that the collar was cursed for any evildoers after its power and it would grant them eternal life, but in the form of a statue.