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Twist (voiced by David A. Kaye) is a recurring character in the Disney XD series Slugterra.


Not much is known about Twist's early life. What is known is that his father he were originally slug thieves when he was young. However, during one robbery, Will Shane arrived to stop them. As they tried to run away on a Mecha, Will snatched Twist using an Arachnet slug, and separated him from his father forever.

Since that incident, he has held a grudge against the Shanes. Later in life, he took a job from Dr. Blakk to spy on the present-day Shane Gang. He was also presented with a Smugglet Ghoul he named Loki. After allying himself with the Shane Gang, he tried to lure them into two traps with the help of El Diablos Nacho. Both attempts failed, and Twist was exposed as a traitor.

As a result of the failed schemes, Blakk fired Nacho and banished him back to the Deep Caverns. Immediately afterwards, Blakk inducted Twist as his new apprentice.

Afterwards, Twist assisted Blakk in various schemes such as the elimination of the Unbeatable Master, the acquisition of Lumino Caverns, and the capture of Eli Shane. As of Blakk's defeat, Twist's status is unknown.