Troy McGinty is the secondary antagonist of Max Keeble's Big Move.


Troy has known Max Keeble for quite sometime since they were young. When he was a child, he attended Max's fourth Birthday party where he seen McGoogles (A Scottish frog character) on TV and in person (Mr. Keeble in disguise) and was automatically afraid of it and it became his greatest phobia even as he got older. But later in his adulthood, he grew out of his fear and came to accept McGoogles as just a harmless and imaginary character thanks to the school counselor.


Troy is one of the bullies at school and loves to pick on and torture the kids that are younger than him. His main target is always Max. He would always write the name of his victims on a plain white T-shirt. He even partnered with another bully named Dobbs to torment Max on the school parking lot. In the end of the film, the kids had finally got back on Troy and Dobbs by throwing them in the dumpster.