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The troll is a minor character in Enchanted.

In Enchanted Movie

The troll makes his debut in the beginning of the movie where Prince Edward has captured him. Once the Prince hears Giselle's singing, Nathaniel has the idea of using the troll to get rid of her. He then runs past Edward and eventually reaches her house. During a conversation between Giselle and Pip the troll peeks through the window with his eye, and after saying "I eat you now!" tries to grab her. He really want to eat Gisselle because he loves her . Until the end of the movie he hasn't been seen, where Pip has written a popular book and the troll is waiting in the back of the line, obviously outside the house. In the end he just wanted to be loved by Gisselle.

  • He is the most minor character in Enchanted
  • He is not completely evil


He's A Troll who can Talk

Hey Dat Peating My Shapost A Eat Shya

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