Trauma is a character and supervillain from the PKNA comic series. he only appears in the tenth issue.


He was once the best Evronian general, who volunteered for Gorthan's experiments to create a super-soldier with increased phisical strenght. The general asked Gorthan to push him beyond every limit, and became Trauma, the first mutant general in the Evronian army. Besides his phisical strength, he got the psychic power to create an uncomfortable wave of fear. However, Trauma became uncontrollable, running unauthorized operations. The Evronian council sent three ships after Trauma and lost one, and he would have won if not for his own soldiers abandoning him.

At the beginning of the issue, Trauma is imprisoned in "The Pit", a prison planetoid named such because "no one can get out on their own, but sometimes you can get pulled out if the empire has a job that's too dirty for them, or too dangerous". Gorthan and Raknar, the inspector of the Pit, release Trauma in exchange of getting rid of The Duck Avenger.

When Trauma arrives to Earth, he faces the Duckburg police, lifting a car and being impervious to bullets. When the Duck Avenger finally arrives, Trauma smashes his Pi-Kar and playfully fights him before using his powers to cause the Avenger a nightmare of his old enemies mocking him. The Duck Avenger is only saved by Uno remote-contolling the Pi-Kar to take him away. Trauma decides to cause further destruction through Duckburg just for fun.

To fight Trauma in equal footing (at least physically), Uno gives the Duck Avenger an unfinished mecha that Everett Ducklair had been working on before selling Ducklair Tower. The Duck Avenger finds Trauma in an old cathedral and round 2 begins. The mecha cockpit protects the Duck Avenger of Trauma's psychic power, until Trauma breaks the cockpit and gives the Avenger a nightmare where he, as Donald back when he was a kid, gets bullied. However, the Duck Avenger snaps out of it and defeats Trauma, who begs mercy. Seemingly, Trauma's own fear reverses his alterations (as he seems scrawnier after his defeat). He is retrieved by the ship he arrived with, and is never seen again.

Might and Power features some Trauma-like supersoldiers, but they are inferior to the original and are promptly defeated by the Duck Avenger.

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