The Trashcan Monster revealing itself to Buzz Lightyear

The Trashcan Monster is a major boss in the 1999 video game Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue.


The Trashcan Monster is the boss of the game's sixth level, Slime Time, and the second main boss encountered by Buzz Lightyear. It is a strange monster composed of green slime with large teeth and two small eyes, and it lives inside a trashcan in the Alleys and Gullies. When Buzz approaches, it will emerge from beneath the lid and bounce towards him, attempting to hurt him through mere physical contact. The Trashcan Monster will also throw green projectiles at Buzz that home in, although he can deflect these by spinning. To defeat the boss, Buzz must shoot it repeatedly with his laser to make it shrink back into its trashcan. When the lid closes, it will emerge again even larger than before and resume attacking. Buzz must repeat this process several times (and each time the boss will grow bigger) until it finally explodes, granting Buzz access to the following level.

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