Trader Moe is a villain in Disney's TaleSpin. He is a diminutive international criminal alligator with a temper shorter than himself. He is always accompanied by a pair of hulking, dim-witted heavies, a rhinoceros and a gorilla, who are only known collectively as "The Goons".

Role in the series

Trader Moe is the self-made king of the trading underground. What this diminutive character lacks in stature he makes up for in tenacity and determination to close a deal without hassle. He takes his occupation very seriously, and does not take kindly to competitors and thrill-seekers trying to horn in on his piece of the action nobody out trades Trader Moe.

Trader Moe is well known for his good bargaining skills and a passion for wealth that borders on the obsessive. Where others lag behind, Trader Moe soars ahead. He has a keen knowledge of the principles of supply and demand — namely, if he’s got the supply, then he makes the demands. Endowed with a remarkable business savvy, Moe can instinctively pick the hottest and most profitable trends in the economic circle days before others even consider such trends in their analyses. He then flies off to stock up on the commodity, cornering the market and forcing hapless buyers to pay through the nose.

This is not to say that everything Moe does is legal. His record includes some attempted thefts and petty larceny, but more often than not the culprit was an agent of Moe’s who refused to spill the beans. He has been convicted on two counts: one was the robbery of the Krungypoor Crown from the kingdom of Krungypoor, the other the attempted theft of Thembria’s "Golden Sprocket of Friendship" from the Cape Suzette Friendship Festival. He served some prison time but eventually got out on parole.

Trader Moe roams the globe in a customized red seaplane. The craft is well-suited to his particular style of doing business, as it is outfitted with numerous automatic weapons and contains an interior prison cell. For further protection, Moe has in his employ two muscular thugs known only as "The Goons," who accompany him on all his expeditions. These lumbering goons are imposing but rather thick-skulled and prove to be a major cause of Moe's frequent temper tantrums.

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