Toffee (also known as "The Lizard" by Moon Butterfly) is the true main antagonist of Seasons 1-3 in the animated series, "Star vs. the Forces of Evil". He is a monotonus and vengeful Septarian, a monitor lizard-like demon that used to be Ludo's informant before he usurped him and took over his position as ruler. Toffee temporarily possessed Ludo's body as of the episode, "The Hard Way" before getting his finger back from Moon and restoring his body in the special episode "The Battle for Mewni". Toffee tells Moon that Star is dead, angering Moon into using the Dark spell on the latter but to no avail, as he regenerates his body. Marco and Ludo try to stop Toffee but fail in the process. Afterwards he walks away nonchalantly, just before Star uses her remaining magic in Glossaryck's cauldron to bring herself back to life, restoring the magic in Mewni, and obliterates Toffee with her magic wand. A dying Toffee then tells Star and the others that it is not over yet before he is promptly crushed to death by a pillar curtosy of Ludo.



He is a monitor lizard-like demon with long black hair and a tuxedo. He shows less empathy for his opponents and wants Star Butterfly's wand, so much so that he took Ludo's leadership and almost threatened to kill Marco Diaz if Star didn't give him the wand. Since Star's magic couldn't break Marco out, she surrenders her wand to Toffee, who gets presumably obliterated by the wand's power. It is unknown if Toffee will return in later seasons, though it is possible since he can regenerate lost limbs.



  • He might still be alive, as he regenerated a limb in the Season 1 finale of the show. However, he is destroyed in the 22-hour special, "The Battle for Mewni" by the combined efforts of Star and Ludo.
  • He is voiced by Michael C. Hall, who played Dexter Morgan in "Dexter".
  • As revealed in "The Battle for Mewni", Toffee is responsible for killing Moon Butterfly's mother.
  • Much like Judge Doom, Flotsam and Jetsam, The Horned King, and Oogie Boogie, Toffee has the most gruesome death out of any Disney villain, as he is partially incinerated by Star's new wand.
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