Toadwart, nicknamed "Toadie", is a character from the television series Adventures of the Gummi Bears. He was voiced by Bill Scott in season one and later by Corey Burton in all seasons thereafter.


Toadwart is an ogre in the service of the evil Duke Igthorn. Though the smallest of the ogres, he is slightly more intelligent than the others, capable of reading and writing. Being the most intelligent, he serves as Duke Igthorn's second-in-command.

Toadwart is extremely loyal to Igthorn, and appears to genuinely like Duke Igthorn, despite Igthorn's constant mistreatment. While he does show competence at times, most of Toadwart's plans, like Igthorn's, fail quickly. While Toadwart is largely an enemy, there are rare occasions where he learns values of the Gummi Bears.


Adventures of the Gummi Bears[]

Toadwart is usually seen in the employ of Duke Igthorn, helping Igthorn to carry out his evil plans to conquer Dunwyn. He is often bullied and mistreated by Igthorn, but continues to attempt to please Igthorn.

Toadwart features heavily in a few episodes In "Toadie's Wild Ride", Toadwart makes his way into Gummi Glen by accident and begins snooping around. Later on, in "Do Unto Ogres", Toadwart is cast out by Igthorn, but later returns. In "Just a Tad Smarter", Toadwart's cousin Tadpole arrives. Tadpole is shown to be smarter and bossier than Toadwart, and is able take Toadwart's place. The Gummi Bears agree to help Toadwart, feeling that the change in command could threaten them. "Toadie the Conqueror" features Toadwart being the only being that can fit into a suit of armor that grants its wearer invincibility. When Toadwart realizes the power of the armor, he tries to take Duke Igthorn's place as conqueror of Dunwyn.