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Tito was a minor antagonist from Pair of Kings who appeared in the episode "I Know What You Did Last Sunday". He was portrayed by Karan Brar.


During the Storm that occured during The New King, Part 1: Destiny's Child, Tito was there when Boz mistook the plug of the island for a shelter and unplugged it, sending Mindu into the sea. He appeared on Kinko threatening Boz that he would tell all the people on the island what he did. Boz was forced to do anything Tito said.

Tito made Boz tell Boomer to shut down Boomerama so he could take over. Boz then revealed he was the one who sank Mindu and after Boomer's speech about how Boz's action got both islands together. Tito was taken to the dungeon. ("I Know What You Did Last Sunday")


  • It is said that Tito is like the Mindu version of Lanny Parker.