Timber Wolf is the main antagonist in Benji the Hunted. He wants to kill Benji and the Cougar cubs. At the end, he falls off a cliff.


Timber Wolf first appears when he attempts to kill Benji when he was tied up to a tree at the the Hunter's cabin. As he runs at Benji, the Hunter grabs his gun and shoots at Timber Wolf, but misses, which ends up with Timber Wolf running off into the forest.

Timber Wolf is later seen watching Benji and the Cougar cubs. He prepares to kill them until the rescue helicopter appears and Timber Wolf runs away.

Timber Wolf ambushes Benji and chases after him, after the Eagle (possibly his henchman) tells him where Benji is. While Benji was being chased, he hides in a bush next to a tree and Timber Wolf runs passed him.

Later, he ambushes Benji again and chases him until he runs into the bear. The bear chases after Timber Wolf and Benji presumed Timber Wolf dead.

While Benji tries to come up with a plan to get the cubs adopted, Timber Wolf stalks the cubs. Benji arrives and finds Timber Wolf. Timber Wolf tries to get revenge on Benji by killing the cubs in front of him, but the cubs hide under a rock. Benji tries to stop him, but Timber Wolf overpowers him. As Timber Wolf tries to reach for the cubs, Benji jumps on Timber Wolf and a chase is ensued. Benji then leads Timber Wolf to a stack of bushes shielding a cliff. Timber Wolf jumps over the bush, thinking that Benji was there, btu instead it was the cliff, and Benji watches as Timber Wolf falls to his death while howling.


  • His portrayer Dimitri was a German Shepherd-Alexander Archipelago wolf hybrid in reality.  
  • Timber Wolf, The Hunter, and The Eagle are the only antagonists in Benji the Hunted.
  • Timber Wolf was the only villain to die in the film.
  • Timber Wolf is somewhat similar to The Rat from Lady and the Tramp. Both wanted to kill children (Timber Wolf wants to kill the Cougar cubs; The Rat wants to kill the baby). Both died in the end (Timber Wolf falls off a cliff; The Rat gets killed by Tramp).