• Hi. I have noticed you have made blogs/discussions about the overhaul of this wiki. I would like to thank you for that because it really needs to prevent users from antagonist fussing, adding prohibited categories, and adding pages on characters who are not evil, including antagonists who are not villains.

    The only 2 mistakes you made or the only 2 things I need to question you about is the deletion of Acer from Cars 2 and pages automatically having the characters category as listed in the infobox.

    Under your bot account, I have noticed you deleted Acer from Cars 2 which sounds like a big mistake. Acer is a villain because he tried to kill Lightning McQueen and Finn McMissile, he enjoys phsyically hurting other cars, he tries to help Miles Axlerod and Professor Z with their evil plans, he tried to destroy the World Grand Prix, and he is a partner in crime to Grem.

    Can you restore Acer please? He may not be the main antagonist (or main villain), and he maybe a minion, but he is still a villain. 

    The characters category is clearly blatant because this wiki is about characters (evil ones to be precise). 

    But, other than the things I disagree on, I agree with most of the other changes part of the overhaul. Thanks :)

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    • I'm using the bot account to avoid drowning out the Wiki Activity and Recent Changes lists. There's several thousand pages, so it's going to take a while to clear out the categories. I may do the infoboxes later.

      When I looked at the Acer page, the first thing it said was he is "one of the two tertiary antagonists" yet was given some Villains categories. I deleted it on the basis of if you're that minor a character, you wouldn't be a villain. I just undeleted the page so it can be reviewed, however.

      The Characters category would be another of those categories that could be assumed without stated, except that there's pages here also for songs, locations, objects and organizations. We probably should keep it. If there's something better that could go in the template, it's easily changed.

      When you're looking at what pages to move to the Disney Antagonists wiki, you will find a lot of pages where the only thing in them is "X is the antagonist of (name of film)." Skip those. They're not worth copying.

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    • Ok. This is understandable. Are all categories going to be removed or just some (or most) of them? Are songs, locations, objects, etc. going to be deleted or are they staying? And what about voice actors? 

      As for the mention of the Disney Antagonists wiki and a lot of pages not being worth copying, I don't really copy sentences from a random wiki to the Disney Antagonists wiki, I just write my own sentences to not add anything that is plagiarism.

      Also, should Reggie from Lady and the Tramp 2 belong here or get deleted? He is an antagonist and he is very aggressive, but aggression is part of an animal's nature, and that doesn't automatically make someone evil. As far as I know, nothing really proves he is a villain and not simply a aggressive animal. So, I would say he is just an aggressive animal, not a villain.

      Again, thank you for your help. I appreciate and I am grateful the overhaul because it should prevent anyone from antagonist fussing, adding prohibited categories, characters who are not evil, etc. :)

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    • The plan is to remove all categories and start over, rather than trying to check each individual category to see if it should stay. I have to look at the other categories you mentioned because they may have a place for pages that aren't about characters.

      I haven't watched the movie with Reggie in it so I don't know if he's just an animal or if he talks, which would make him more of a character. But what I did see on the page indicates that it could be just the aggression of a dog.

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    • Ok.

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    • That will be just agression if dog attacked human or an anthropomorphic character, but dog attacking a little puppy can count as villain. Please restore Reggie.

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    • A FANDOM user
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