• Please find something other to do than to pin labels on characters about what kind of antagonist they are. People that focus on this generally don't do anything else, so they miss out on everything that makes the character a person while they obsess what kind of label to put on the character that day.

    And in case you didn't see it, the example I gave a month ago of antagonists fussing came from your edits to the page for Al McWhiggin, where you changed what kind of antagonist he was to three different labels in just two days.

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    • Here we go again.

      On December 23, you said Stinky Pete was the hidden true main antagonist of Toy Story 2. Today, Pete is just the secondary antagonist.

      Since you can't stop antagonist fussing, you're blocked from this wiki for a month and the blocks on the two Antagonists Wikis are being increased to match.

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    • someone else changed that i didn't change it to secondary, i'm pretty sure hidden and true aren't allowed on wikis anymore.

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    • You're partially correct.

      1. This edit on December 23 shows you changing it from "the hidden secondary antagonist" to "the hidden true main antagonist".
      2. This edit shows that someone else had previously changed it to "the hidden secondary antagonist" and you took the word "hidden" out.

      Two weeks ago you thought he was hidden in the story and was the true main antagonist. Today, you accepted that he was the secondary antagonist but removed hidden, which means during the entire movie it was obvious that Pete was an antagonist.

      This is just more antagonist fussing, where you change it just to change it, even if you have to contradict what you said before.

      I said this is going to stop, and by that, I mean EVERYONE is going to stop antagonist fussing. You're another example of why it has to happen.

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