This song was sung in Pcohantas II - Journey to a new World by Ratcliffe and the magicians and the crowd of people. Ratcliffe tricked the king into thinking Pocohantas was a savage as a scheme to kill Pocohantas and all the Indians. 


Ratliffe: Your royal highnesses, lords and ladies of the court, and our distinguished guests from the forests of the new world.

Magicians: Things are not what they appear

As tonight will make quite clear

But what is real will be revealed

I can feel the moment's near

Things are never what they seem

That will be this evening's theme

A music sites for your delight

Perhaps a few to make you scream

Ratcliffe: You will be surprised to see whose disguise

Is the cleverest one of the lot

After our show the whole world will know

Who's pretending to be what they're not

If a jester's grin or a dancer's spin

Should be pleasing, please say, yea

Crowd: Yea

Ratcliffe: If a juggler's feat should be incomplete

He's the one you greet with nay

Crowd: Nay

Ratcliffe: If the fools we see should look like you and me

Then before the night goes by

Ask why, why, why, why, why, why

Magicians: Things are not what they appear

And the finest proof's right here

Ratcliffe: How I regret when first we met

I believe my own worst fear

Magicians: Things are not what they seem

So in keeping with our theme

Ratcliffe: A change of hair, a dress to wear

And our nightmare's now a dream

Clueless and wild, I saw this sweet child

As a danger to one and to all

Savage, I thought, what could have Rolfe have brought?

Now I see she's the belle of the ball

Thing are never what they seem

Crowd: He's right, he's right

Ratcliffe: Many don't say what they mean

All: He's right, he's right

Magicians: A powered face is just the place

To conceal an ugly scheme

Ratcliffe: Only one thing's really clear

Things are not what they appear

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