Magic has a way of uniting things that ought to be together.
      —The Witch Mother to the Sanderson Sisters

The Witch Mother is a character featured in the Disney+'s 2022 film, Hocus Pocus 2. She is portrayed by Hannah Waddingham. The Witch Mother is a powerful witch, with the ability to transform into a bird, and resides in Salem. She was the one to gift the Sanderson Sisters their sacred spellbook and introduce them to witchcraft.


The Witch Mother is a powerful practitioner of magic, and holds the ability to transform into a bird. She resides in the forbidden woods of Salem, during the 1600s, which acts as a sacred space for witches, and strengthens their magic. She feasts upon children to maintain her youth. The Witch Mother, once belonged to a coven, though they became lost to her.


Hocus Pocus 2[]

The film begins in 1653 with the Witch Mother, scouring the sky in the form of a bird, as she watches over the town of Salem.

When the young Sanderson sisters enter the forbidden woods, she gazes them from afar. The young girls become fearful of their surroundings, and the Witch Mother, tries to lure them, with a song. When Winifred beckons her sister back to her, the Witch Mother transforms into her human form before them, and grabs hold of Sarah by the neck. Mary and Winifred attempt to rescue their sister, but the Witch Mother summons a gust of wind through her hand, to hold them back. The Witch Mother prepares to feed Sarah a potion, but Winifred loosens her grip on Sarah. The Witch Mother grabs Winifred in retaliation, but fearfully let goes, upon sensing her. Upon taking a closer interrogation of Winifred, she comes to realize the young girl differs from the other children she's eaten, and is feared by the townspeople, due to her corruption. The Witch Mother takes note of young Winifred's temper, and on the raw power she holds. She informs the girls the woods they entered is feared upon, because it's a sacred space for witches such as herself, to charge their magic, and displays her powers before them. The Witch Mother declares Salem to be run by fools, and will one day be ruled by the likes of them. She gifts the girls a spellbook, and wishes Winifred a happy sixteenth birthday. As the girls explore the books pages, they come across a spell, entitled "Magicae Maxima", which makes a witch all-powerful, but the Witch Mother warns them against using such a spell, and has them promise not to do so. The Witch Mother comments on the luck they have in their relationship, as a witch needs her coven, for which she no longer has. Before Winifred can give her thanks, the Witch Mother disappears before them.

In 2022, Becca, Izzy, and Cassie defeat the newly-risen Sanderson sisters, while the Witch Mother flies above them.


  • It was the Witch Mother who gifted the Sanderson sisters their spellbook, though legend incorrectly states it was given to them by the Devil.
  • It is implied that the Witch Mother lost her coven, after performing the "Magicae Maxima" spell.
  • The outfit that the Witch Mother wears resembles Dani Dennison's witch costume from the first film.
  • She also shares similarities with Mother Gothel is also some form of a witch, but steals her magic from Rapunzel, whilst The Witch Mother doesn't steal magic from the Sanderson Sisters.