The Tanner is the primary antagonist of Disney's The Small One despite only appearing once in the middle. He is the first person the Boy takes Small One to sell. The Tanner is more than willing to take Small One off the Boy’s hands; to skin Small One and make leather out of him.


After a Roman soldier gives a boy directions to a man who needs an animal like his donkey, Small One, whom he intends to sell to, they enter a shop belonging to the tanner. The tanner is seen sharpening his knife until he hears the boy calling for him and approaches them when he sees Small One. The tanner examines Small One but when the boy asks if he will take care of him, he reveals his true intentions and status, stating he simply wants the donkey's hide to make leather out of him; much to the boy's horror. Despite the tanner doing the best to offer the boy a piece of silver for his donkey, the boy refuses and both he and Small One run away scared from the tanner's shop. The tanner isn't seen throughout the rest of the movie after this.

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