The Selfish Lion is the main antagonist of The Brightest Star.


Akin to Scar in appearance, the Selfish Lion is thin and lanky with long claws and a scruffy goatee. His fur is colored a light brown tinged by orange, and his muzzle, paws, and underbelly are all tan in color. His mane is slightly darker than his main pelt, being a darker but still slightly orange brown. His eyes are reddish-brown.


As his title suggests, the Selfish Lion is hardly one to share, impetuous and impatient with little desire to assist his fellow creatures. His attempts to get his way are fierce, and the Selfish Lion is an adversary willing to fight tooth and claw for his own comfort and survival.


The Brightest Star[]

When a drought strikes the Pride Lands, water is rationed to the thirsty animals. The Selfish Lion is the first to break this rule, chasing any thirsty animal away from his water hole. His attempts inspire Mohatu to journey away from the Pride Lands and find water elsewhere. Presumably, the Selfish Lion joins the other Pridelanders in drinking water from the Great River in the jungle.