Red Queen, a.k.a. Iracebeth or Iracebeth of Crims, is the main villain of the 2010 film Alice in Wonderland, and a anti-hero of Alice Through the Looking Glass.


She is shown to be an extremely ill-tempered and incredibly loud dictator who is unbelievably ruthless, highly merciless, and has proven to have no heart, thus she is truly and completely pitiless. She is also extraordinarily vain and incredibly jealous of her sister making her a power hungry egomaniac most notably making her sevants create art of her bragging, having her court make amazing poems about her, her herald saying everything wonderful about her, looking in mirrors and her guards making garden statues of her body. more evidence shows that The Red Queen suffers from deranged behavoir, dissiocative personality dissorder, manic depression, paranoia, multiple personality dissorder, bipolar and mentall illness. She demonstrates and displays extreme to extraordinary snobbery as she thinks she is superior to everyone in Underland that is her most notable example. She even demonstrates extreme sadism most notable examples are enjoying seeing executions and watching others suffer. she is unbelieably impatient and highly rude such as yelling and not waiting for even one second.

Role in the film[]

She is the older sister of The White Queen. During the Frabjous Day The Red Queen claimed that the crown is hers because she was the eldest, which if true meant she should be the rightful ruler of Underland. The Red Queen grew paranoid that her husband, the King of Hearts, would leave her for her sister and had him executed. She used a monstrous beast called The Jabberwocky to destroy a village in Underland and even took The White Queen's crown and the Vorpal Sword and thus became queen of Underland. She is obsessed with decapitation, and enjoys the company of those with some kind of enlarged body part, as her own head is also unusually large compared to the rest of her. Her sister the White Queen believes she may have some sort of growth pressing on her brain, thus explaining her behaviour and extremely bulbous head. She is also a very cruel queen as witnessed by the fact she uses living animals as footmen or furniture. She uses pigs as footrests, monkeys to hold up candlabras and the stool the Red Queen invites Alice Kingsleigh (while posing by the name of Um) to sit on, and ravens to hold up chandaliers.