The Phony Dentist, whose name is never mentioned onscreen, is a one-shot antagonist from the Teamo Supremo episode "An Appointment with the Dentist".


Posing as a dentist, his scheme involved turning his "patients" into zombies under his control. Over the course of the episode, he actually manages to use his zombification ray on The Chief and Captain Crandall. Rope Girl and Skate Lad manage to save Crandall before the ray fully brainwashes him, but for most of the remainder of the episode, he forgets how to battle and use his Level 7 gadgets. Fortunately, in their second confrontation with the Dentist, Skate Lad manages to reverse the effects of the zombie ray by switching it to its "normal" setting, and Crandall thwarts the Dentist's attempt to escape in a helicopter, using a giant piece of floss as a lasso.

Episode Appearances[]

  • "An Appointment with the Dentist"