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The Masks and the Voodoo Dolls are the minor antagonists in The Princess and the Frog. The evil Loas are Dr. Facilier's minions, though they serve as the threat towards him than like other minions; they are the ones who gave Doctor Facilier his powers, and now expect him to pay back his debt. They are more like patrons then minions in this way.

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He promises them to have all the souls of New Orleans once he becomes the richest man in the Cresent City. Appeased, the spirits offer him the forces he needs to complete his mission. But in the end, when Tiana destroys Facilier's talisman, they drag the terrified doctor away to "The Other Side" due to his inability to pay back his debts.

They are voiced by Hans Zimmer, Jack Angel, Phil Proctor, Patrick Pinney, Jonathan Frakes, Marcel Jeannin and Steve Martin.

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