The Marten is the main antagonist of the 1957 true life fantasy Perri, the live-action sequel to the 1942 film Bambi.


While Perri's mother searches for food, the marten attacks her treetop nest. When Perri's father calls out to lure the marten away, the predator kills him, leaving Perri's mother to carry each of her children to a safer nest. Perri is the last baby to be moved, but manages to elude the marten by hiding under cedar shavings. The marten is finally distracted by a raccoon attacking her nest, but the raccoon is stung by a porcupine and so retreats.

After Perri discovers Bambi and his children, she hears birds cawing about the marten on the loose. Perri decides to return to her nesting ground and discovers that her nest has been destroyed by the marten. Perri looks up at the marten and the predator chases after her. Perri swims across the river, but the marten could not, because she hates water. After Perri and Porro's encounter with the bobcat, the marten decides to cross the dam to get to her, but the dam breaks, causing the marten to fall into the water. The marten gets back on land, shrieks at Perri in defeat, and leaves.

When winter comes, once again, the marten tries to find another way to get to Perri. The marten tries to walk on the ice bridge, but the ice breaks and the current washes the marten up shore.

Soon, spring returns, and the forest animals find mates. Perri responds to Porro's mating call, but a lightning storm interrupts their romance and causes a raging fire. Perri escapes by standing on a bobcat's back in the middle of the creek. As Perri makes it safely back to land, the marten finally manages to cross the river to Perri's home after the wildfire caused one of the trees to fall down. Porro finds Perri and warns her about the marten nearby. Porro distracts the marten and the predator chases him. The two are unaware that the bobcat is stalking them from below. The marten approaches Porro as she corners him on a weak branch. The branch breaks and they both plunge down to the bobcat. The marten is killed by the bobcat, but Porro escapes.

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