The Jub Jub Bird is the tertiary villain in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.


It appears in the film as a vulture under control of the Red Queen. He has a large crest, stubby, broad wings, and seems to be a very primitive bird, without teeth But, he has a well-developed blue tongue as well as a beak with red markings on it to resemble lipstick and long legs that resemble those of a theropod dinosaur. His plumage is heavily striped like a zebra, which may be used to confuse prey, and he has a long neck and large red eyes. Contrasting to his long legs and neck, the Jubjub has a relatively short tail. He makes a low husky shriek.

Role in the film[]

In the movie, he captures both Tweedledee and Tweedledum away from Alice. He is not seen again until The Mad Hatter and The Dormouse are about to be executed, The Cheshire Cat reveals himself and the Hatter exposes The Red Queen's inner circle as frauds, also forming a following from the prisoners in the audience, so the Queen releases the Jubjub Bird to set people straight. The Jubjub Bird accompanies the Red Queen's forces into battle against The White Queen. During the final battle, after the Hatter interferes the Jubjub Bird joins in the fight, only to later have his head crushed by a giant boulder from a catapult fired by one of the Red Queen's soldiers, ultimately killing him.