The Hyena Clan, or the Hyenas, are the tertiary antagonists of The Lion King. They are Scar's former henchmen.


  • Male hyenas are low on the hierarchy chain; however, Ed and Banzai seem to be Shenzi's equals, although Shenzi's directors state otherwise. They could possibly be her brothers, since real hyenas act this way.
  • The term "Shadowland" is derived from Simba, describing the Graveyard as a "Shadowy place" and Zazu's confirmation that it's their land, therefore they have no rights.
  • Originally, the hyenas were going to be cape dogs, but were changed to spotted hyenas because cape dogs are endangered.
  • In the original plot for the movie (called King of the Kalahari then), the hyenas were baboons, but still served as Scars henchmen.
  • They are similar to Tom and Tab from Osamu Tezuka's anime, Kimba the White Lion. The hyenas in both cartoons serve an evil lion. Claw was Tom and Tab's supervisor while Scar was Shenzi, Banzai and Ed's supervisor.  
  • In the musical, they are revealed to be one of the reasons the Pridelands has depleted, as they had forced the lionesses to overhunt.
  • It is unknown why the hyenas were forced to leave Pride Rock. The only possible explanation would be that they were dominant over lions in hunting, causing the lions to grow hungry.
  • What happened to the hyenas after the events of the original film was that they have survived. Banzai and several other hyenas had returned (with Shenzi and Ed in the sequel as the henchmen of Zira, and Kovu replacing the Outsiders in some broadcasts. 


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