The Huns are soldiers of Shan Yu and the minor antagonists in the movie Mulan. They traveled with him through the great wall. The five main Huns start by barginmg through the Great Wall and try to kill a guard but are unsuccessful. Shan Yu spares the guard's life only because so he inform the emporer. The Huns capture two Imperial Scouts. Shan yu leaves one of them live so he can tell his own emperor to send his armies. The Hun army consists of a thousand Huns.

They almost made it through the mountain pass until Mulan caused an avalanche destroying the Hun army except for Shan Yu and the five who survived after Mushu fired a cannon accidentally causing Li Shang's position to given away to the Huns. The five surviving Hun henchmen hide inside a fake paper dragon during the celebration the "defeat" of the Huns. When Hayabusa, Shan-Yu's falcon retrieve Shan Yu's sword, the Huns burst out of the dragon and kidnap the emperor. Shan Yu orders the Huns to guard the door. However Shang's three main soldiers trick the Huns by dressing as calcubine girls. Then they attack the Huns. some of them have time to attack back but are knocked unconscious by Mulan and soldiers. The firework that Shan Yu was strapped to was headed to the position where the main huns were and they were incinerated by the explosion along with Shan Yu.

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