The Horribly Hazardous Heffalumps! is a song from Pooh's Heffalump Move.


Everyone knows what a heffalump's like It's got fiery eyes and a tail with a spike With claws on its paws that are sharp as a tack And wing-a-ma-things coming out of its back 

Roo: Out of its back?

Rabbit: Well of course, Roo. Precisely.

Tigger: Exac-tically!

'Cause its bottom is up and its top's really down So its nose is its tail or the other way 'round Yeah, and it's wide as a river and tall as a tree Imagine gigantic And times it by three

It clomps here and there It stomps to and fro It's got three horns above And eleven below And those are its good points There's much more to know About the dreadfully dreaded Thoroughly three-headed Horribly hazardous Heffalumps 

Roo: Wow! Neat!

Rabbit: Neat? It is most certainly not neat!

Everyone knows that they lurk and they creep The best time to see one is when it's asleep If you sneak up behind it and get it to jump You can tell which part's Heffa-hee-hee And which part is lump

They'll steal all your honey and eat your last crust They'll stomp on your house till it's nothing but dust The worst part of all is they're different from us? 

They're the dreadfully dreaded Thoroughly three-headed Fiercely ferociously Mostly atrociously Horribly hazardous Heffalumps!

Rabbit: Now to teach those Heffalumps a thing or to. Ready? Forward march There’s no time to lose Chin up, tallyho We'll never stop till those Heffalumps go The best Heffa-quest you'll ever know They're the dreadfully dreaded Thoroughly three-headed Horribly hazardous Heffalumps The dreadfully dreaded Thoroughly three-headed Massively monstrously Unbearably scare-ably Horribly hazardous Heffalumps


Imagine gigantic
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