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The Giant Fish is a minor villain in The Princess and the Frog. It resembles a giant catfish. It first appeared when Tiana and Naveen find themselves in the swamp. When Naveen finds a leech sucking his blood, his future wife yanks it off him and throws it away. The Giant Fish then jumps out of the water and eats the leech, startling the two frogs and causing them to stumble into a heron. It never appears again. The fish isn't truly evil as it was just hungry. Also, the Giant Fish isn't giant as the main characters were frogs at the time it appeared. The rectangular pupils in it's eyes are reminiscent of real catfish eyes. It appears to be cunning as it possibly waited under the water for Tiana to throw a leech into it's gaping open mouth. While it's role in the film seems insignificant, it actually helps the plot by scaring Tiana and Naveen into the path of a heron, which sends them flying into the path of some alligators which causes them to meet their future best friend, Louis. The catfish also commits murder (?) by killing the leech. It's among the few Disney Villians to make a kill onscreen. It also looks adorably derby.

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