The Game Master is a character and antagonist from Slugterra. He debuted in "The Thrill of the Game" as a villain who used high-tech equipment to trap slugslingers and force them to slugsling, only to capture their slugs for himself.


Never heard of him? That’s because the losers of his games don’t like to talk about it. The Game Master designs eccentric games that are brilliantly devised to trap slugslingers and steal their slugs.


The Game Master's modus operandi is to lure unsuspecting slingers into a far off cavern called Lands End Cavern. There, he forces them to play "game", made up of dangerous obstacles and puzzles. During game, he collects all the slugs the contestants use, taking their energy to power the special suit that he wears. After researching about all of the Shane Gang (except Pronto, since he hadn't been trying to lure him in and hadn't expected his presence), he lures them to his lair with a fake distress call. After the gang "completes" the game's challenges, the two sides engage in a slug battle. Eventually, after being beaten when Eli used a fusion shot, he sets his lair to explode, escaping while the gang rescues his captured Slugs. After this, Eli gained Bugsy.


  • The Thrill of the Game (First)


  • Most Fans think that The Game Master was actually "Quentin" in disguises.
    • But unlike Quentin, the Game Master uses slugs, even if he's only using them to power his technology. While Quentin wants to live in a world without slugs.
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