The Ethereal is a one-shot character from the Aladdin TV series episode of the same name.

Role in the episode[]

The Ethereal was first seen with the golden mask at a merchant store with jewelry and necklaces and as Jasmine picks it up, she hears a woman's voice coming from it. The prophecy that which she said in Jasmine's existing nightmare was ice falling through the sky, the Earth moving like an earthquake, light becoming dark as pitch black as the darkest night sky, creatures of destruction (like legendary giant desert scorpions) bringing forth their wrath and Agrabah in the future was destroyed.

The eclipse is ending, and the Ethereal in a long white robe is hovering in the sky. She is wearing a golden mask like the one Jasmine saw in her dream. And the next day, she begins to descend to the ground, and tells everyone that the day of reckoning for their civilization will bring her judgement upon Agrabah. But Iago tells her what happens if she doesn't want to see the city, it would be reduced to dust and rubble like the dream that Jasmine saw in the future and her bad dream. Genie turns into a giant golf player, and the Ethereal is in a golf tee and he tries to hit her with a club that protected her from hitting, and Genie breaks into a thousand pieces. Aladdin tackles her to the ground, and looking at her white robe, which was empty, and she lifts up by herself off the ground, and the robe floats over to it which Aladdin is not denying her.

At the end, with her arm, the Ethereal brings Jasmine back to life from the destruction that she had been made. And she tells the lesson to everyone in Agrabah plus Aladdin and the gang, and rises back up from the sky, and disappears into thin air.