Dip is a chemical created by Judge Doom, a mixture of turpentine, acetone, and benzene. These are essentially the three main ingredients in paint thinner, which Doom uses to remove a toon's paint, thereby removing their existence. Doom kills the red toon shoe in the dip and it shows paint (toon blood).

At the bar, Doom was about to put Roger in the Dip. Benny the Cab was injured when Doom poured Dip on the street.

Wheezy poured 5000 gallons of heated dip in the dip machine. Psycho and Wheezy controlled the dip machine to kill Jessica and Roger, while Greasy drove the dip machine, Stupid reached on the top of the machine, and Smart Ass fought Eddie.  Stupid, Wheezy, and Greasy laughed themselves to death, Smart Ass falls into the dip and dies, and Pycho falls on the steam roller on in the dip machine (yellow liquid).

Doom is eventually revealed to be a toon himself. He dies from being sprayed by the Dip, which is washed away by fire hydrant water.