The BoogeyMan is a main villain in Don't Look Under The Bed. There is an another BoogeyMan named Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

In this film he was protrayed as a former imaginary freind of the protagonist Frances. He was negleted by Frances and wanted revenge and stalks her and her little brother Darwin.

Larry who was Darwin's imganiary friend apears to Frances and try's to help her vanquish to BoogeyMan by training her.

The BoogeyMan frames her for many pranks and go's as far as to invade her house and kidnap Darwin and take him to his world. Larry and Frances journey into his world . Frances rushes to Darwin's aid as Larry and the boogeyman fight . Larry is nearly turned into a boogeyman himself but was rescued. Eventuly the boogeyman is electrocuted and begins to die off after his "death".

He turns back into zoe who was his original form. Zoe and Larry countinue thier journey and take Frances and Darwin home. they eventuly part was to fight another BoogeyMan somewere out there.


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